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Big Reveal: $899,000 for an airy Bed-Stuy 2BR in a converted Brownstone

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Did you guess correctly?

Courtesy Corcoran

While no one quite got the right answer in this week’s Pricespotter, several of our readers came close. Off by just $1,000, Opal Blues came in first with a guess of $900,000—the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in Bed-Stuy is in fact asking $899,000.

Coming in second was ArchiSavant, who guessed $925,000, and in third was seatowndweller who guessed $855,000. For the most part, most of the guesses were within the $800K-$900K range, and several of our readers praised the outdoor space—though as one of our readers astutely pointed out, it’s hard to tell what this outdoor space might be like since the broker has chosen to leave it off the listing.

If it is eventually offered up for purchase, it’s unlikely this condo will stay on the market for too long. That wraps up this week’s edition of Pricespotter. Until next time.