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432 Park Avenue lawsuit pits Harry Macklowe against Jose Cuervo billionaire

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It’s a case of billionaire versus billionaire

Real estate honcho and lawsuit aficionado Harry Macklowe will head to court for the umpteenth time, only in this case, it’s him who is being sued. In a case of rich guy infighting, billionaire Juan Beckmann Vidal is suing Macklowe over a “catastrophic water flood” that wrecked an apartment he planned on purchasing within Macklowe’s luxe 432 Park skyscraper, reports Page Six.

Vidal, who serves as chairman of the company behind tequila brand Jose Cuervo, purchased one of the pricey pads for the high price of $46.25 million in 2013, but never closed on the sale. According to court filings Vidal wants his $11.56 million deposit back after a November 2016 flood caused structural and electrical damage in apartments on floors 83 through 86.

Meanwhile, Macklowe has more drama than the Lifetime channel with everything else going on in his world. There’s the embattled divorce happening between him and his wife of 57 years and let’s not forget the lawsuit he filed against his own son. Macklowe also took a liking to suing several of the tenants of rent-stabilized units at 737 Park Avenue, a rental building he purchased with plans for a condo conversion. In 2013, he sued the Department of Homes and Community for allowing a broker to live within one of the rent-stabilized units, alleging that she made too much money and within that same year he also fought to evict a plastic surgeon. Macklowe took men’s clothing store owner Peter Eliot to court allegedly for four months of unpaid rent at 150 East 72nd Street. And the list of lawsuits goes on.

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