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The Woolworth Building’s luxury condos get new model apartments

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Take a peek inside the condos coming to Cass Gilbert’s landmark building

Photos by Travis Mark

Though the Woolworth Building’s residential conversion has been in the works for a few years now, looks inside the iconic building—and the 33 apartments that will be part of the new condo development—have been few and far between (or in rendering form).

A model unit for the high-priced condos opened next to the building in 2015, but now—sensing buyers’ desire to actually, you know, get inside the building—developer Alchemy Properties has finally revealed two model units, which occupy the skyscraper’s 38th floor.

Though the interiors for the Woolworth’s condos and amenities will be done by Thierry Despont, the model units showcase the work of two New York designers. Apartment 38A, a three-bedroom measuring 3,282 square feet, was designed by Alan Tanksley, who took his inspiration from the history of the building. (What that means: lots of dark wood tones—especially in the utterly enormous master bedroom and closet—and a more classic style.)

Apartment 38B, meanwhile, was designed by Eve Robinson, who created a more colorful palette, allegedly inspired by the terracotta window frames that can be found along the building’s facade. (You can catch a glimpse of those in some of the photos of the models themselves.) Both units also feature custom decor (including furniture and wall coverings), and showcase the incredible views that can be found from the top of Cass Gilbert’s landmark skyscraper.

The Woolworth’s condos, of course, don’t come cheap: three-bedrooms similar to the one pictured here start at $9.575 million, while ones similar to 38B start at $7.25 million. The building may also be home to a $110 million penthouse, which no longer qualifies as the most expensive the city will see in the coming years, but it’s still pretty bonkers.

And now, what you probably came here for—the photos. Here’s 38A:

And its master bedroom, which comes with a positively dreamy closet:

And here’s what 38B looks like:

And a video of the spaces: