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Citi Bike is primarily used by New Yorkers to shorten commutes

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Stations around NYC’s transit hubs are the busiest

Most New Yorkers using Citi Bike are utilizing the bike share service to connect to other modes of transport or to reduce their overall travel time, the New York Daily News has learned based on a NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Study (that has yet to be publicly released).

The busiest Citi Bike stations tend to be the ones that are closest to NYC’s major transit hubs like Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Penn Station. The busiest of the lot is the one at Pershing Square North near GCT, according to the study.

Ten of Citi Bike’s 614 stations—all next to transit hubs—account for seven percent of the overall trips on the bike share service. Nearly half of all trips taken on Citi Bike tend to be under 10 minutes, which to the Rudin Center indicates that New Yorkers are mostly using the service to do chores or commute. Surprisingly, tourists don’t account for the larger share of Citi Bike users, according to the study.

When distances are too long to walk but seem too short for a subway trip, New Yorkers will likely pick Citi Bike as well, according to the study. This could certainly point to the slight drop in subway ridership that the MTA pointed out last month. But overall it seems Citi Bike is actually benefitting the subway system and commuter trains.

In December it was revealed that Citi Bike had seen its ridership increase for the third consecutive year going from 10 million in 2015 to 14 million in 2016.