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Trump Park Avenue penthouse returns with an even lower asking price

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The duplex apartment has been on and off the market since 2007

It’s been a full decade since the crowning penthouse atop Trump Park Avenue first hit the market for $45 million, but the duplex apartment still hasn’t found a buyer. It’s gotten price bumps and chops in the years since, most recently listing for $35 million last spring. Still, there were no takers, and the apartment is now listed again, with the same $35 million asking price.

The space itself measures 6,278 square feet, with a terrace that adds another 1,600 square feet to the penthouse’s total size. There are four bedrooms (including a master suite with a large walk-in closet), an open great room, a chef’s kitchen, and all of the ostentatious ballroom-esque trimmings (crystal chandeliers, an oak staircase, decorative moldings) you’d expect from a Trump property.

But the building’s penthouses—there are a bunch of ‘em, which sort of cheapens the whole idea of a penthouse, but we digress—building have been slow to sell. Some, like PH29, took several years to sell and sold below the asking price, while several others have drifted on and off the market, hoping, praying that someone, anyone will drop tens of millions of dollars to live in them.

PH31/31 falls firmly into the latter category, and the fact that buyers have been more wary of purchasing in Trump buildings following the presidential election may not help matters much.

502 Park Ave.

502 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022