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Tavi Gevinson is being paid to advertise her new Fort Greene rental

The actress and Rookie founder recently moved into 300 Ashland

300 Ashland Enrique Norten
Rendering of 300 Ashland in Fort Greene
Courtesy Two Trees Management

The boom of upscale construction in Downtown Brooklyn has—as predicted—led to something of a rental glut, with too many luxury apartments and too few luxurious people to rent them.

And so it has fallen to developers to sweeten the pot, offering future tenants perks like no broker fees, discounts, and month(s) of free rent. Now, Two Trees, the management company for 300 Ashland Place (technically Fort Greene), is trying another tactic: celebrity Instagram endorsements.

New York Magazine’s The Cut reports that Tavi Gavinson, the 20-year-old actress and founder of Rookie magazine, is paving the way for a new era of sponsored content: she’s advertising her own address on Instagram. What a world!

Here’s The Cut’s Allie Jones explaining the situation:

Gevinson, who has over 500,000 followers on the app, posted several photos documenting her move to 300 Ashland, a glossy 35-story tower in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. In many of the posts, she explicitly listed her new address — 300 Ashland Place — in the location field. In captions touting the building’s amenities and prime location, she used the hashtag #300AshlandPartner, signaling to her followers that she was being paid for the posts.

So far, her location-tagged posts have pointed that 300 Ashland is very close to BAM and that the there is a very artistic “3-D CLOUD SLASH MIRROR” installation in the building’s lobby. She’s also posted pictures of her move-in and her book collection, proving that residents of 300 Ashland are a cultured and literary people.

It’s pretty clear why Two Trees, which manages a number luxury properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan, wants to work with Gevinson; what is much less clear why Gevinson wants to “reveal her personal address for the sake of an advertising partnership.” While there is a robust tradition of celebrities branding their personal moments, there is a far less robust tradition of celebrities revealing their exact address to the Internet.

But according to Two Trees, Gevinson—who is being compensated an undisclosed amount for her end of the deal—won’t be alone for long. A representative for the company explained that Two Trees will be rolling out “a few” partnerships with “creative influencers who are great fits for our residential buildings” in the coming weeks. In addition to posting content showing off their “new homes and neighborhoods,” the influencers will be hosting “special experiences open to our residents.”

“We think it’s an exciting addition to our marketing efforts and a terrific amenity for tenants,” the rep said. Other amenities include a rooftop lounge, 24 hour parking, and a billiards area. Rents in Gevinson’s building start at $2,492/month for a studio, and go up to $5,562 for a two-bedroom.