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L train shutdown will last 15 months beginning April 2019

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Impacted riders won’t have to endure 18 months of inconvenience after all

MTA officials have announced that the dreaded L train shutdown will not last as long as initially expected. In addition to shortening the timespan for repairs to take place on the Canarsie tube that was severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy, the agency has somewhat decided upon a start date.

According to the New York Daily News, construction upon the L line will officially begin in April 2019. Rehabilitation was slated to last 18 months but in a Twitter post, MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco announced that the project has shaved three months off of the closure, meaning that L train riders will only be inconvenienced for 15 months.

Next week, the MTA’s board will vote to award two firms a $492 million contract that includes a $15 million incentive to complete the job quicker.

City officials are still in search of viable solutions to mitigate the commuters who will be impacted by the shutdown. Many proposals, including car-free zones at 14th Street in Manhattan, Grand Street, and Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn; along with a gondola that would traverse the East River, have been suggested but the MTA and Department of Transportation are still exploring its options.