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Big reveal: $1.095M for a chic Park Slope co-op with a roof deck

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Did you guess correctly?

This week’s Pricespotter didn’t have an outright winner, but two of our readers did come tantalizingly close to guessing the right amount. Yingei was the closest with their guess of $1.05 million, which is just $45,000 shy of the price of this co-op, which is asking $1.095 million.

A close second was Trilby16, who guessed $1.15 million, and missed nabbing the top spot by just $10,000. Aside from that, most of our readers seemed to like apartment, but they rightly pointed out that there was barely any storage space in the co-op.

Others took issue with the small size of the second bedroom and the fact that the roof deck could only be accessed from this bedroom. The fact that it’s a fourth floor walk-up was another drawback that a reader pointed out.

All that being said, there are still a lot of great things going for this co-op including the very spacious roof deck, the wood-burning fireplace, and the fact that there’s a washer/dryer in-unit.