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Airy Flatiron loft steps from Madison Square Park seeks $16,900/month

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The three-bedroom apartment makes West 23rd Street look serene


Bustling West 23rd Street is not the most tranquil place to live in the Flatiron District, but with enough expendable income, anything is possible A spacious loft that floats just above street-level, now on the market for $16,900/month, suggests that serenity is obtainable, even on one of downtown Manhattan’s busiest throughways.

The loft is bright with 10-foot south-facing windows that span its entire front exposure, and glass french doors in two of the apartment’s three bedrooms that let out onto a nearly 400-square-foot terrace in the rear.

The 3,531-square-foot loft has been updated with only the most futuristic of appliances—Toto G500 toilet, anyone?—including upgrades like motorized shades, an Elan smart home system, and security and climate functions that can be controlled through an iPad.

The apartment can be used as a live/work space—it’s laid out with a large central office—which is perfect considering the loft is less than a block from Madison Square Park, a great place to blow off steam and cheat on the Serenity Now lifestyle with a Shack burger.