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South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 mall on schedule to open in summer 2018

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The four-story structure is now entirely clad in its glassy facade

What site looked like last August
Photos courtesy of Field Condition

Despite rumors that the project might be delayed, Howard Hughes Corporation’s (HHC) Pier 17 development is still scheduled to wrap construction by the summer of 2018, the New York Post has learned.

When we last covered the South Street Seaport building, the SHoP Architects-designed structure was being fitted with its glass facade. Eventually it will be home to restaurants by Jean Georges and the Momofuku Group, and a rooftop terrace that will host concerts and events. The mall was originally scheduled to open in 2017, but was pushed back because of Department of Buildings approvals, according to the Post.

The Post learned this latest development from HHC’s vice president for the tristate area, Saul Scherl, who also informed the paper that the redevelopment of the Tin Building will take longer than expected.

But that hasn’t deterred the development team from releasing a new rendering for the project (head on over to the Post for that), which is also being designed by SHoP Architects.

The City’s Landmarks Commission approved minor modifications to the redevelopment last year. The building will soon be dismantled and moved 33 feet east, which will make its facade visible for the first time since the FDR Drive was built. HHC hasn’t released a specific date of completion for this project yet.

Pier 17

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