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West Village artist loft owned by Francis Hines asks $2.5M

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The co-op building has been home to a handful of notable artists over the years

Courtesy of Corcoran

The West Village loft of late artist Francis Hines, who in 1980 wrapped the Washington Square Monument with 8,000 yards of white fabric, has come to market. The apartment, asking $2.5 million, served as the live/work space for the artist and still shows off remnants of his work focusing on “the conflict of our human need for, yet resistance to, the constraints imposed by an ever-increasing mechanized, computerized, dehumanizing environment,” or so his website says. (Deep.)

Hines isn’t the only artist to once call 377 West 11th Street home. The co-op’s penthouse was once owned by vaunted tap dancer Gregory Hines—who, coincidentally, is not related to Francis. That apartment, a 3,500-square-foot four-bedroom, is also currently on the market, asking just shy of $7 million. Peculiarly, the building has also been home to the creator of the Peloton spinning bike.

Francis’s first-floor apartment comes with 15.5-foot ceilings and the most open of open layouts (read: no bedrooms), a wood-burning fireplace, and two full bathrooms. The listing touts the apartment as a “diamond in the rough” that’s been under Hines’s ownership since the building went co-op in 1981.