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Mariska Hargitay’s former Chelsea penthouse gets a price reduction

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Come for the backstory, stay for the cupola media room

Dining room at 665 6th Avenue penthouse

A two-story Chelsea penthouse once owned by Law & Order: SVU mogul Mariska Hargitay is back on the market for an understated $13.5 million—and Olivia Benson’s residence is just one of the noteworthy things about the over-the-top modern digs.

To recap: Hargitay picked up the three-bedroom duplex in the historic O’Neill Building (once a fancy department store) back in 2007. Then as now, the place offered 4,819 square feet of interior living space, three enormous terraces, and wall-to-wall windows with sweeping Manhattan views, as well as what can only be described as a truly palatial master suite. But for Hargitay, it was not to be: she sold the sun-drenched palace a year later to high-rolling Manhattan landlord Maurice Laboz for $8.2 million, according to LLNYC.

The home stayed with Laboz and his then-wife Ewa until his death in 2015, at which point he made headlines for the rather … particular terms of his daughters’ hefty inheritances. Per his stipulations, the younger two Labozes would receive the bulk of their $10 million inheritances upon turning 35—but as the New York Post gleefully reported at the time, they’ll be eligible for “early-bird bonuses” assuming they “marry right, get good jobs and don’t even think about having kids out of wedlock.”

Sadly, there is no such deal for the future buyer of this penthouse, but they will get a pretty sweet cupola media room, pictured below.

The penthouse was first listed in October of last year for $14 million, but the price has since been shaved down slightly.