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Mikhail Baryshnikov pays $1.4M for a Harlem home near Central Park

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Baryshnikov paid a little more than the asking price on this three-bedroom condo

Photos courtesy Nest Seekers International

Ballet maestro Mikhail Baryshnikov and his wife Lisa Rinehart are moving to a new home in Harlem, the New York Post has learned. The celebrated dancer, choreographer and actor, has purchased a three-bedroom, two-bathroom condo just a few blocks north of Central Park.

If the current listing photos are anything to go buy, the apartment is certainly not as grand as his reputation, but it still does have a lot going in its favor including the high ceilings, a host of fancy appliances in the kitchen, the hardwood floors, and the fact that it’s located on the top floor of a lovely limestone-clad building.

Baryshnikov shelled out $1.4 million on the condo, property records reveal, which is just a little over the ask of $1.325 million. Some of the amenities the couple will be able to look forward to in the building include a gym, bicycle storage, and a virtual doorman system.

Baryshnikov and Rinehart have lived in Harlem ever since they sold their Snedens Landing home in Rockland County in 2011, according to the Post.