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David Bowie’s former Essex House apartment, with Central Park views, wants $6.5M

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The rock icon and his equally iconic wife, Iman, lived in the apartment for 10 years

Photos via Corcoran

A lovely three-bedroom apartment in Midtown’s famed Essex House building just hit the market for $6.5 million, but the pad’s history is more interesting—to a certain type of music-obsessed New Yorker, anyway—than the location. It was the onetime home of the late, great David Bowie and his wife Iman, who occupied the apartment for ten years.

Though they sold the place in 2002, a small piece of the couple remains: a Yamaha piano owned by Bowie still sits in the living room, and will be passed on to the next buyer. There’s also a dressing room just off the master bedroom that was built to Iman’s specifications. (Other elements that the couple added—including a panic room, because a celebrity of Bowie’s caliber would have needed one—have since been taken out.)

The apartment itself spans 1,877 square feet, and in addition to the piano, comes with a freshly renovated kitchen, plenty of storage space (including built-ins in the living room), several en-suite bathrooms, and—best of all—stunning Central Park views. Plus there’s the whole “living in the home of one of pop music’s most iconic figures” thing to consider.

Iman, meanwhile, still owns the Soho apartment that she and Bowie lived in when he died in early 2016.

Jumeirah Essex House

160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019