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Big reveal: $600k for a spacious Upper West Side one-bedroom

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Photos courtesy Keller Williams NYC

Many of the guesses for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, a true one-bedroom on the Upper West Side, came quite close to hitting the bulleye’s eye but ultimately it was Views4Days who guessed the right asking price. The large and slightly outdated apartment is asking $600,000.

Several people referred to this apartment as “awkward” and picked over some of its features, predominately the dated kitchen and the need to walk through the bedroom to access the co-op’s only bathroom. BK1985 summed up all the flaws like this:

The monthlies are high, the bedroom has this weird cheap looking carpeting (dare i say it looks like commercial office carpeting tiles), the kitchen is so outdated, that column in the middle of the kitchen is comical and that half wall in the bathroom must be a joke. And this is definitely on the ground floor somewhere of the back of a building; you can see bricks in the very few photos with a window.

But with all that this apartment may have gotten wrong, there are many things that are alright here. It is pretty large and who doesn’t want to live less than a block away from Central Park?

Here’s one more look at it: