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Park Slope’s landmarked Brooklyn Lyceum shows off its lovely restored facade

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It will be occupied by a Blink Fitness, though an opening date has yet to be revealed

Photo by Susan de Vries via Brownstoner

The Brooklyn Lyceum had been at the center of a preservation battle for years before new owner Greystone Development abandoned plans to convert the landmarked building into condos, and instead restore the building, and use it as a gym.

Several new construction site photos by Brownstoner have now revealed the restored facade of this over 100-year-old building. Among the lovely elements now visible on the exterior include an ornament with Poseidon’s trident and his son, Tritan, and another ornament above the parapet that shows a terra-cotta urn pouring water.

The former public bathhouse had been owned for several years by Eric Richmond, who ran an arts and events space from the building. Richmond however lost the building in a foreclosure auction to Greystone in 2014—Greystone picked up the property for $7.6 million.

Initially, Greystone planned to convert the landmarked building into two or three large condos. At the time of the building’s purchase, Greystone had also shelled out $13.5 million on an adjacent, vacant lot, to build a 12-story rental building.

Photo by Susan De Vries via Brownstoner

After continued local pushback, Greystone abandoned the condo plans, and decided to move forward just with the rentals, which will bring 63 new apartments and ground floor retail to the neighborhood. That 12-story structure is now nine stories above ground, and construction is expected to wrap up later this year.

Brooklyn Lyceum will be occupied by a Blink Fitness once the restoration is complete, but an opening date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Rendering courtesy of Greystone Development