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$110K/month Time Warner Center pad is NYC’s most expensive non-hotel rental

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And it’s all about the views

Photos via Sotheby’s

Many of New York City’s most absurdly overpriced rentals can be found at its storied hotels, such as the Sherry-Netherland, the Lowell, and the Pierre, which just this week re-listed its $500,000/month full-floor pad, aka the most expensive rental in NYC.

But this $110,000/month rental atop the Time Warner Center, which just hit the market, is not among those; instead, it has the privilege of calling itself the most expensive non-hotel rental in the city. (A fine distinction, especially when you’re talking about apartments out of the realm of affordability for all but the wealthiest people, but a distinction nonetheless.)

As expensive as it is, the apartment itself isn’t particularly noteworthy: it has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, the expected high-end flourishes (chef’s kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, you know the drill), and the like.

The selling point here, really, is the views: Thanks to its position on the 68th floor of the TWC’s south tower, the apartment has killer vistas of Central Park, the rest of Manhattan, and beyond.

Still, are views worth $110,000/month, or a whopping $1.32 million per year? It seems that way, considering that similarly priced apartments have found their mates, including a $150,000/month rental at One57. Rich people—they’re not like the rest of us.

Time Warner Center

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