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The Bronx is one step closer towards getting a bookstore

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Noëlle Santos is on track to bring a bookstore back to her borough

South Bronx native Noëlle Santos is one huge step closer to bringing her borough its only independent bookstore. With 15 days left to go in her Indiegogo online fundraising campaign to raise money to open The Lit Bar, Santos has already exceeded her $100,000 goal (h/t DNAinfo).

Sharing the news on her Instagram account, Santos was ecstatic to have reached her goal, stating “now I can push forward in human form—you know, sleeping and eating real food.” However, her work is far from complete. Estimating that it will cost about $300,000 to launch The Lit Bar, Santos plans to obtain the rest of the money through loans and from her own savings, not to mention she has to actually find a space to lease. "I’m still focusing my efforts on Hunts Point and Mott Haven, somewhere near a train where it’s nice and accessible,” she told DNAinfo.

The Bronx has been without an independent bookstore since the Barnes and Noble in Baychester was forced to shutter due to rising rent. Santos is aiming to have The Lit Bar opened up by the end of 2017.