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182-year-old Brooklyn townhouse finds a buyer after stunning revamp

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You’d barely even know it was built in 1835

Photos via Corcoran

One of the city’s oldest homes is officially off the market. The gorgeous townhouse at 44 Monroe Place in Brooklyn Heights, which had been listed for $9.3 million as recently as last fall, sold for a bit of a discount—public records, which just appeared today, show that it closed at $7.75 million.

A bit of backstory on the place: It was first built in 1835, making it one of the oldest homes in the Heights—and one of the oldest that was for sale recently. It’s part of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District (first designated in 1965), and so much of its original exterior—which Brownstoner described as “elegantly austere,” with a brick facade and brownstone trim, along with wrought-iron railings—has remained.

The interior, however, is a different story: The whole thing was redone a few years ago, preserving some of the original details (including the home’s plaster moldings and wood-burning fireplace) while adding a chef’s kitchen and redoing the outdoor space. There’s also a lovely solarium: “a wonderful spot to enjoy the outdoors year round.”

The house is configured as a multi-family property right now, but that could change depending on what the new owners want—and since they got the place for a discount, they might be able to put that extra cash towards a conversion.

ASH was responsible for the staging, which makes the space look like the Brooklyn townhouse of our dreams: