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Live below Rupert Murdoch at One Madison for $27M

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The duplex spans the building’s 55th and 56th floors, with predictably stunning views

Images via CORE

It’s been a long, long road for the Building Formerly Known as One Madison Park—aka One Madison—but after years of lawsuits, foreclosures, and other troubles, it bounced back. Eventually, its view-toting, high-priced condos returned to the market and ended up selling to the likes of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen—and Rupert Murdoch, who apparently got a case of buyer’s remorse not long after.

But there’s still what appears to be one sponsor unit left in the building: a duplex spanning the 55th and 56th floors, which returned to the market today with a $27 million price tag. Back in the day—way, way back, as in 2009—the two apartments were offered separately, but they later appeared as a combo in 2015, then asking $37.5 million.

The listing doesn’t offer much in the way of a description, and notes that “this residence is only offered as raw space”—the previous listing photos from 2015 back that claim up. But proposed floorplans helpfully offer some idea of what the 6,620-square-foot apartment could look like, boasting a huge living room and a master suite with two walk-in closets.

And then there are the views: the apartment is basically eye-level with the gorgeous clock tower of the MetLife building, and floor-to-ceiling windows offer expansive vistas of Midtown and Lower Manhattan on either side.

One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010