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Palatial Upper West Side duplex with private outdoor pool seeks $16M

The 37-foot pool is just one of many perks

Extell Development Company is known for including over-the-top amenities in its pricey Manhattan projects—like sky-high dog runs and indoor-outdoor fire pits—but none are so alluring as the the rare private pools the company throws into the mix. One of those sprawling private pools, accompanied by a 5,641-square-foot duplex at Extell’s Upper West Side condo The Aldyn, just hit the market.

The condo, asking $16.99 million, comes with a laundry list of impressive amenities, not the least of which is the 37-foot outdoor pool. The aquatic amenity comprises just one fraction of the apartment’s outdoor space, which measures 3,600 square feet in total and also includes a Jacuzzi and spaces for lounging and dining.

Other amenities include a private elevator within the duplex apartment, a double-height living room and a double-height dining room that lets onto the terrace to “easily [accommodate] large scale dining in impeccable style”—or so the listing says—and a master suite with two bathrooms, two “dressing closets,” and an additional dressing room.

The apartment comes with seven bedrooms in total and over eight bathrooms, and last sold for $14 million in early 2014. A “mansion with a pool in the sky,” indeed.

The Aldyn

60 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069