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Sean Lennon finally removes tree at root of $10M lawsuit

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Lennon lost an appeal to keep the 60-foot Ailanthus tree

One of the more peculiar lawsuits out of Greenwich Village comes to an end today, as Sean Lennon and Marisa Tomei’s parents have settled a $10 million case over a pesky Ailanthus tree. The story goes like this: in February 2015 the Tomeis lobbed the costly lawsuit at Lennon, the progeny of John and Yoko, alleging that the tree’s encroaching roots wrecked havoc on their property. The Tomeis maintained that the 60-foot tree’s roots cracked their stoop, broke their railings, and permeated their basement floor causing costly damage.

In September 2016, a judge ruled in the Tomeis favor, but Lennon filed an appeal saying the Tomeis should seek permission from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to remove part of their railing so the tree can survive. The two townhouses, on West 13th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, are in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

The Post now reports by way of Gary Tomei, Marisa’s father, that the tree has finally, actually gotten the axe. “I’m just happy it’s over,” he told the Post. How much the case settled for is unclear—the details of the agreement are off the record.