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Rising Park Slope condo intended as ‘homage’ to neighborhood’s townhouses

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The six-story mixed-use building will replace a neglected brownstone on the block

Current state of 497 Third Street, second from the right
Screen shot via Google Maps

If the main thing you though Park Slope was missing was more luxury condos, you’re in luck: The Homage on Third is coming to Third Street, just off Seventh Avenue.

The name is not an accident. "Everything about that block is just beautiful," Bryan Hernandez, president of Kaito Management, the developer on the project, told DNAInfo. "We’re trying to pay homage to that block."

The six-story mixed use building will rise from the ashes of the dilapidated brownstone at 497 Third Street, which, Hernandez explained, has been in his family for decades. For various reasons, including identity theft, they’d been unable to restore the property, which is now too far gone to salvage, he said.

Designed by architecture firm Studio Vural, the new building is intended to capture the historic elegance of block, with its Renaissance revival limestone buildings and extra-wide sidewalks.

Rendering by Studio Vural

Homage that it is, the condos will have a limestone brick facade, custom metalwork, and “European wood” windows. There will be commercial space on the ground floor, and the rest of the building will be residential: the second, third, and fourth stories will house 1,088 square-foot full-floor two-bedrooms, DNAInfo says, while the fifth and sixth floors will be combined into a three-bedroom duplex. All the apartments will have a balcony and roof access, though the duplex, jewel of the building, apparently gets private roof access.

Since the building isn’t landmarked, and the block isn’t part of the neighborhood’s historic district, the project doesn’t require approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Kaito Management, meanwhile, is poised to break ground any day now.