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Construction on Citywide Ferry's Brooklyn Navy Yard home is underway

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This is where the boats will be docked, fueled, and maintained

Construction on the Citywide Ferry’s new home at Brooklyn Navy Yard is currently underway, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference earlier today. The city had revealed its intention to redevelop a pier at Brooklyn Navy Yard as a base for the service in June last year, and now the Mayor has revealed that all the boats used for the ferry service will be docked, fueled, and maintained out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The Navy Yard, “homeport” as the city is calling it will be a 56,000-square-foot facility that will have enough space for 25 boats, various other supplies, and 40,000-gallon diesel fueling system. This is where boats will be cleaned, restocked for food and beverages, and have minor repair work done on them.

By 2018, this particular dock will serve as an additional stop on the Citywide Ferry service.

Construction on the boats got underway last fall, and the fleet will have a total of 20 vessels that will each be able to carry 150 passengers.

Along with the construction update earlier today, the Mayor also announced that the city is now hiring for the first of 200 new jobs that will be created once the ferry service is operation, which includes captains and deckhands.

The service is expected to get underway this summer with routes to the Rockaways, South Brooklyn, and Astoria. The East River Ferry will be incorporated into this service as well.

Courtesy Mayor’s Office