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The Statue of Liberty will get $4.5M of post-Hurricane Sandy repairs

It’s been a long road back for Lady Liberty

It has been an eventful couple of months for Lady Liberty, but the New York Post reports that she’s about to get the spa treatment, statue style.

This week, the National Park Service approved a $4.58 million dollar revitalization project to spiff up the area surrounding the Statue of Liberty, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The renovations, the Post explains, will include installing a new stainless steel fence around the perimeter of the statue’s base, replacing broken granite pavers, and removing dozens of storm-damaged trees, which will be replace with new, salt-tolerant species.

“This is hopefully our last Hurricane Sandy recovery project,” National Park Service public affairs officer Jerry Willis told the paper. While the repairs are expected to take about a year, the statue will most likely be able to continue her regularly scheduled programming.

The larger renovation of Lady Liberty, which will include the addition of a new museum designed by FXFOWLE, is still in the works, with those revamps debuting sometime in the next few years.