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Oddball Manhattan Beach mansion with plenty of flair wants $6M

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The contemporary home is like something out of an ’80s fever dream

You don’t see homes like this Manhattan Beach contemporary in New York City too often—but when you do find them, it tends to be in the city’s outer-boroughs, where postmodern gems and Miami-esque uber-mansions have more room to spread out.

This house, located a block from Manhattan Beach Park on Oriental Boulevard, certainly fits that profile: Spread out over 6,000 square feet, it has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an aesthetic that’s hard to pin down, but definitely takes heavy inspiration from the 1980s. (The house itself was built in 1970, and updated sometime in the ’90s.)

But is it Memphis-inspired? Or more of a PoMo thing? And why is there so much cracked glass everywhere? The answers to those questions are, alas, unanswerable—but it’s certainly a unique space. The living room is enormous, with high ceilings and a wall o’windows; a curved staircase leads to the second floor, where bedrooms (including a master with an oh-so-’80s platform for a bed) and bathrooms abound. There’s marble and granite everywhere; the kitchen comes with a black curved counter.

So yes: it’s a lot, and so is the asking price: the house is going for just about $6 million. But it does have all that space, along with a pool (not pictured) and a six-car garage. Whether or not someone will actually pay that much, though, is another question.