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Big reveal: $795K for an elegant Park Slope co-op near Prospect Park

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Did you guess correctly?

Yesterday we asked you to guess how much this prewar two-bedroom apartment in Park Slope was going for. None of this week's participants came up with the exact figure, which is $795,000, however, the closest contestant was ph1989 with a guess of $849,000, putting them just $54,000 off the mark.

There was a general consensus that this home isn't a true two-bedroom, as it claims to be, and having to go through a bedroom to get to the apartment's only bathroom didn't sit well with most. "Charming details – but the bedrooms are small and having to walk through a bedroom to reach the bathroom is terrible. No photos of the bathroom is concerning as well. I would convert the closet/washer/dryer room into another half bath with washer/dryer," said ph1989.

Assumptions that the price was likely inflated due to the location were fair. The apartment resides within a building located at 904 Union Street, not far from Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park's main entrance.

Despite it's flaws, the apartment still has some good things going for it. Here's one more look at the floorplan: