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Puck Building's most expensive penthouse returns to the market for $58.5M

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The lavish penthouse comes with a ton of outdoor space and a “yoga lawn”

The so-called “Crown Jewel of Soho” is back: Penthouse 1 of the Jared Kushner-developed Puck Penthouses, the extravagant apartments plopped atop Nolita’s Puck Building (kind of messes with that whole “Soho” thing, no?), has returned to the market.

The four-bedroom apartment was originally listed for $66 million back in 2015, and though it’s gotten one discount since then—it was price chopped by about $7 million at the beginning of 2016—it has yet to find a buyer. And this time around, little has changed: The apartment is with the same brokerage (Corcoran), and the $58.5 million asking price hasn’t budged.

The particulars of the apartment have also remained unchanged: it measures 7,241 square feet, it has a plethora of ridiculous amenities (wine cellar, home theater, and more than 5,000 square feet of outdoor space that includes an outdoor spa and a yoga lawn), and so on. Even the listings photos have remained exactly the same as before.

So the lack of a price chop this time around is … puzzling, to say the least, though not exactly surprising. It has, however, had success as a rental: earlier this year, sources told The Real Deal that a hedge funder was renting the pad for $150,000/month.

All told, just three of the six penthouses that are a part of the development have closed, with the priciest of those being Penthouse 2, which sold for around $28.5 million. As of right now, Penthouses 1 and 4 are still on the market—4 is asking $35 million, or can be had as an $85,000/month rental.

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