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High Line condo The Getty gets a new rendering

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The building is expected to be complete this summer


Michael Shvo and Victor Group’s High Line condo The Getty is on track to be complete this summer. The building at 239 Tenth Avenue topped out back in June 2016 and started getting its metal and glass curtain wall in December. New word on the project is that, now that the facade is complete, work is underway on the building’s interiors.

That said, very little is known about what those interiors will consist of. Peter Marino, the so-called Leather Daddy of luxury who’s fresh off an appearance on 60 Minutes, has designed the building inside and out. Its six condos, which are rumored to start at $15 million when they hit the market, will each have a unique layout and Gaggenau appliance packages. Falling in line with the building’s sky-high cost comes exorbitant materials, including 80 different kinds of stone, marble, and wood finishes sourced from across the world.

Condos will start on the building’s fifth floor, and sit atop a museum dedicated to the $800 million private collection of J. Tomilson Hill, a vice chairman of banking firm the Blackstone Group, for who Marino has designed a whopping seven homes. No word yet if the naming device for The Getty, formerly the site of a Getty gas station, will extend to the museum, but The Hill has a certain ring to it.