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For under $1M, a Staten Island storybook cottage with stunning views

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The charming single-family home overlooks some of the island’s prettiest property

Where else but Staten Island would you find a home described as a “Hansel & Gretel gingerbread house” with serenity-inspiring views? Brooklyn, of course, has its own gingerbread house, though it’s not nestled amid nature the way this house, located at 298 Lighthouse Avenue, is. (h/t SILive)

Plus, there’s the fact that the Bay Ridge storybook house is asking a whopping $11 million, whereas the home on Staten Island is going for just $738,500.

The “gingerbread” moniker likely references the interior of the house, which is kitted out with rustic stone accents around the living room and some of the bedrooms. (It’s … unique, that’s for sure.) The 1,450-square-foot cottage has just two bedrooms and one bathroom, and while it doesn’t appear that the place has been updated in some time, there’s plenty that an ambitious renovator could do with the space.

Then there are the views: According to the listing, the home is placed on the same hillside as the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, so the surroundings are as lovely as you’d expect. A terrace off the master bedroom, along with a glass-enclosed atrium on the lower level, take full advantage of those views.

And all of that could be yours for under $1 million—only in Staten Island, folks.

Listing: 298 Lighthouse Avenue [Neuhaus]