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NYC landmarks, including One World Trade Center, immortalized as coasters

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Neighborwoods, the map-centric decor line, introduced a series of coasters emblazoned with iconic buildings

Via Neighborwoods

There’s no shortage of decorative objects emblazoned with various New York City buildings, from posters to cardboard models and everything in between. And now Neighborwoods, purveyor of city-specific, map-centric tchotchkes, has come out with a new series of coasters based on iconic landmarks in cities around the world, including New York.

What makes this really interesting is the choice of structures: Some, like the Flatiron Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, are iconic; others, like the Oculus and One World Trade Center make sense, given their status as new landmarks on the urban landscape.

But there are some really new, and really controversial, buildings in the mix. Both 56 Leonard and the American Copper Buildings are brand new additions to the NYC skyline, but they’re featured here. So is the metal-sheathed structure at 41 Cooper Square, which Curbed commenters deemed one of the city’s ugliest buildings, and Jean Nouvel’s wall o’glass at 100 Eleventh Avenue.

Still, they’re pretty nifty, and would make a fine addition to a coffee table that’s already covered in New York-centric books. Each one is $9.