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For $11.5M, a historic Soho loft transformed by a pristine renovation

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That renovation led to a huge price bump from the last time it sold

Usually when a New York City home comes onto the market with a huge jump in price from the last time it sold, you expect there to be some kind of bells and whistles to the place. But that’s not the case with this loft at 84 Mercer Street: It sold back in 2004 for $4.5 million, is now listed for $11.5 million, and is one of the more spartan spaces we’ve seen recently.

But the minimalist look is, of course, intentional: the home is owned by interior designer Betsy Morgan and her husband, Jonathan Cary. Morgan completely renovated the loft after purchasing it, and per the brokerbabble, “every finish, every single detail, was carefully curated” to “celebrate the history of the loft while moving the home into its future.”

What that means: fancy finishes (white pine flooring, marble sinks and tubs, a custom brass island in the kitchen); the addition of smart home technology and sound proofing in certain rooms; and the preservation of historic details, like the 19th-century columns that are in the living room. It may look plain, but in reality, the whole thing is extremely luxurious—hence, why it’s extremely expensive.

In total, the 4,100-square-foot loft has four bedrooms (including a “master suite” with two walk-in closets), four bathrooms, an open gallery area where art could be displayed, and tons of storage space. “Words cannot properly describe this apartment,” says the brokerbabble, but here we are trying anyway.

As for Morgan and Cary, they’re also selling the Chelsea townhouse they own on West 21st Street, which was once owned by Wallace Stevens and was used as a location for Louie, among other TV shows. (Morgan’s practice of renting out her spaces to filming crews got her into hot water with her neighbors a few years ago, though there’s no indication of why the couple is selling their NYC property.)

84 Mercer Street

84 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012