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Historic Tribeca townhouse with thoroughly modern interiors wants $7M

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The home is more than 200 years old

You might not necessarily guess by looking at this home, located at 27A Harrison Street in Tribeca, but the Federal-style townhouse dates back to the 18th century and may be among the oldest houses in the city. And now, it’s on the market with a $7 million price tag.

There is some conflicting information about this particular home: According to the AIA Guide to New York City, it was built in 1796 and was once the home of City Hall designer John McComb; the listing says it’s from 1819, but either way, it’s very historic.

This is part of a group of townhouses, now located at 25-41 Harrison Street, that were slated for demolition back in the 1960s. But as the much-missed Christopher Gray noted in an old Streetscapes column, the homes were part of an urban renewal district where hundreds of 19th-century structures had already been demolished—and thus, the newly-formed (at the time) Landmarks Preservation Commission singled them out for greatness in 1969.

But back to the house at hand: Its current owner, Sarah Bartlett, purchased the place for $3.6 million back in 2006, and commissioned Dean/Wolf Architects to give it a thoroughly modern upgrade. Elements like a sculptural stainless-steel staircase and a large skylight were added; other spaces, including the kitchen and the bedrooms, were modernized; and the layout of the second floor, previously a duplex that was disconnected from the lower level, was reconfigured. Hence, how you might never know that this home predates the Civil War.

The home was first listed last fall for $7.5 million (it’s changed brokerages, from Core to Douglas Elliman, too), so this is a modest price chop—but whoever purchases this will be getting a truly one-of-a-kind space.