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Big reveal: $835,000 for a chic East Village co-op with vintage details

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Did you guess correctly?

Images courtesy Corcoran

While no one quite nailed the answer this week, several of our readers came ever-so-close to guessing the right price, which is $835,000 for this one-bedroom co-op on East 10th Street, near the intersection of Third Avenue.

There was a tie for first place with 10012 and and nearcorner both guessing $825,000. There was a tie for third place place as well with ph1989 guessing $850,000 and safra guessing $820,000—both $15,000 more and less than the asking amount respectively.

While most of our readers seemed to dig this pad and its airy, minimalist vibe, they did point out some of the more important drawbacks of the apartment as well. Many of our readers agreed that the bedroom was too small, with one reader saying that it would likely be too small even for a couple. Others pointed to the glaring lack of closet space in the unit—there’s just one right across from the kitchen, and it’s not all that big either.

Guesses ranged anywhere between $600,000 to just under $1 million for this week’s Pricespotter, though most were in the $800K-$900K range. That’s a wrap for this week’s edition, until next week!