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Famed subway dermatologist Dr. Zizmor sells Upper West Side apartment for $1.465M

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The slightly outdated apartment could use a … facelift

It wasn’t so long ago that famed subway dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Zizmor—famous for his rainbow-emblazoned ad promising the clear skin of one’s dreams—was having trouble selling his most prominent piece of New York real estate, a mansion in the tony Fieldston neighborhood of the Bronx.

But ah, how times have changed: that home entered contract in January of last year—coincidentally, right around the time the good doctor retired—and eventually ended up selling for $2.83 million. Now, according to public records, another property owned by Zizmor (and his wife, Alexandra) has sold: the couple owned a two-bedroom pad on the Upper West Side, which just changed hands for $1.465 million.

The apartment itself is nothing special, though the brokerbabble that accompanied the listing is so delightfully campy, we wouldn’t be surprised if Zizmor had written it himself:

Do you delight in Deco? Is it your desire to design your dream digs? Well, pinch yourself; opportunity knocks with this picture perfect pad in need of polish and pizzazz.

It has good bones and some nifty Deco detailing, but it appears that it hasn’t been updated in some time—the kitchen is a bit outdated, and the bathroom is a study in turquoise—so the new owner may have some renovating to do. (Facelifts were never really Dr. Zizmor’s thing, anyway.)

As for the Zizmors, there’s no word on what they plan to do next; when Jonathan retired, Alexandra remained mum on whether or not the couple would remain in New York City. Considering at the rate at which they’re selling property, perhaps a move to other climes is in the cards?