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220 Central Park South's latest exorbitant condo is an $80M duplex

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Yet another überpricey condo for the mysterious Midtown tower

We may never see a publicly-listed apartment at 220 Central Park South, Vornado’s elusive skyscraper in the Billionaires’ Row area, but that doesn’t mean the tower’s mind-bogglingly expensive condos aren’t trading hands.

Vornado chief Steven Roth, who is apparently acting like a one-man co-op board for prospective residents, recently gave the briefest of updates on the building, per the Real Deal—and according to him, “we have a few good ones left.”

A recently-filed amendment to the condo’s offering plan also provides some insight into what’s happening at the building, including the fact that a new überpricey apartment—priced at $80 million—is now available for buyers.

You might think that this would be a penthouse in the Robert A.M. Stern-designed skyscraper, but you’d be wrong: According to the filing, it’s located on the building’s eighth floor—but it is a nearly 8,000-square-foot duplex, per TRD, that comes with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and crucially, nearly 2,000 square feet of outdoor space.

Yep, we’re at the point in luxury real estate where developers are selling non-penthouse units for those sorts of eye-popping prices. This particular unit is part of the building’s “villas,” which are separate from the taller condo tower and all priced north of $30 million.

Meanwhile, there are still several penthouses asking $100 million or higher in the skyscraper portion of the building—and yes, that includes the $250 million quadraplex that billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin is reportedly eyeing.

Billionaires: they’re really not like the rest of us.

220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, New York, NY