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First of New York's citywide ferries arrives in Brooklyn Bridge Park

NYC ferry Lunchbox was the first to take its maiden voyage around the city

The first of the new NYC ferries cruise into new York Harbor.
Michael Appleton

Anyone who follows the NYC Mayor’s Office on Twitter knows that it’s hyping up the new citywide ferries real hard, and for good reason. They’re bringing new travel routes to the city; they’re fast as hell; and they have the very best names, as chosen by NYC second-graders. But the Mayor’s Office Twitter account was particularly active this morning in calling out all that is good with these new vessels, as the first three of 20 cruised into New York Harbor to dock at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1.

The new ferries will officially roll out for service on May 1, a month ahead of schedule. The first to launch will cover the Rockaway route, connecting the east Brooklyn barrier island with Brooklyn Army Terminal to Wall Street/Pier 11 for a total trip time of 59 minutes.

The Astoria route will launch this summer, connecting the west Queens neighborhood to Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, East 34th Street, and Wall Street/Pier 11 for a total trip time of 38 minutes. Routes to follow will include South Brooklyn, Lower East Side, and Soundview.

The new ferry routes.
NYC Mayor’s Office

The city has also announced an electronic payment system for the ferry through the website and accompanying app. Trips will cost $2.75 per person, with an extra fee of $1 for passengers riding with bicycles. Each ferry can carry up to 150 passengers, and—a major bonus—will be equipped with free wifi.

The good ferry Lunchbox was the first of the fleet to take its maiden voyage around the city. In a video from this morning posted to the mayor’s Twitter account, Mayor de Blasio offers up an awkward, if not endearing tour of the vessel. Check it out below, along with a few of the other gems Tweeted out by the mayor’s office.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, , NY 10038