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Marie Kondo-trained decluttering consultants are the latest NYC building amenity

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is getting a boost at some NYC properties

Instrata Park Slope

Some dirtballs are about to get very lucky. Residents of New York’s Instrata properties, found in Gramercy, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Nomad, and at Mercedes House in Hell’s Kitchen, will soon be able to book a specialist trained in the art of the KonMari Method—the extreme tidying practice pioneered by Marie “KonMari” Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Yeah, that book about cleaning everyone couldn’t stop talking about last year.

Instrata’s KonMari Consultants are the first of their kind. Per a press release:

They have undergone rigorous training in the KonMari Method, including 50 hours of practice sessions. They will conduct one or more five-hour private organizing sessions for individual Instrata residents, helping the residents identify what they value in life. While doing so, they will coach and support the residents to completely organize the home, creating the residents’ ideal space.

The method and service play off the philosophy that organizing helps people achieve their ideal life. A special rate for this service is currently available to some Instrata residents willing to part with $500 for five hours of tidying.

It’s hardly the first over-the-top bespoke amenity service to come to New York City’s residential buildings. Instrata’s KonMari Consultants joins the ranks of 111 Murray’s jet concierge service, and the all-expenses-paid trip to Amsterdam to visit with interior designer Piet Boon for buyers of penthouses and townhouses at the Williamsburg condo Oosten.

Mercedes House

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