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How much for a sleek, one-bedroom Upper East Side duplex?

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Can you guess the asking price of this apartment?

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game. How much do you think this place is asking? Drop your guess in the comments, and remember, no cheating!

What/Where: 1BR/1BA in the Upper East Side

Square Footage: 715

Taxes/Common Charges: $1,694

Some folks will probably take issue with the layout of this Upper East Side one-bedroom—it’s a duplex, with the common area and kitchen on the lower level, and the bedroom and bathroom on the upper level. But it’s sleek and a nice size, with a gorgeous kitchen and a large walk-in closet just off the bedroom.

As for some clues that might help you guess the price: It’s located on the cusp of the UES and what’s considered Yorkville, and just a few blocks from a Second Avenue Subway station. It’s in a condo building with a doorman, and located on the fourth floor (but yes, there’s an elevator). So knowing all that, how much do you think it’s asking?