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5Pointz founder Meres One partners with Related to bring graffiti to West Chelsea

The installations will remain in place until Related’s art galleries open

Photos by Jonathan Sciortino

Related Companies have roped in the founder of 5Pointz, Jonathan Cohen a.k.a. Meres One to create graffiti on the construction site of what will soon be a set of 15 new art galleries coming to West Chelsea.

Cohen, along with another graffiti artist, See TF (who was also commissioned by Related) debuted their creations this week. Their work can be seen on the existing corrugated metal walls and gates of what will be the hybrid gallery-eatery space, High Line Nine, on Tenth Avenue, between West 28th and 27th Streets.

"I am honored to be working on this project in the heart of the new West Chelsea district, and to bring the spirit of 5 Pointz and aerosol art to one of the most iconic new structures, the High Line Nine,” Cohen said in a statement.

High Line Nine, in addition to featuring multiple gallery spaces, will also come with a cafe, and a wine bar—a European style galleria is how Related described it.

This structure of course is located right next to Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street, the base of which will also be home to new gallery spaces when the building eventually opens in a couple of months from now.

Related announced plans to bring the new gallery spaces to West Chelsea last month, and the galleries in Hadid’s building will open sometime this spring. The ones in High Line Nine have an anticipated opening sometime later this year.

Cohen and See TF’s work will only be temporary however as the construction fencing will be taken down closer to when High Line Nine opens.

“West Chelsea has long been known as an important arts district and we are pleased to partner with two distinguished artists to create vibrant temporary murals on both West 27th Street and West 28th Street,” Greg Gushee, executive vice president at Related, said in a statement. “The energy and vitality of the area make it an ideal location for these pieces.”