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Big reveal: $825,000 for a sleek, one-bedroom Upper East Side duplex

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Did you guess correctly?


Yesterday we challenged you to guess the asking price of this one-bedroom duplex on the Upper East Side. No one guessed the correct price, which is $825,000, but Trilby16 came close with a guess of $815,000.

Personal opinions varied across the 26 comments but for the most part, the majority of people weren’t feeling the duplex layout. “For all the nice features it has, I really don’t like this place. Hate the multiple levels, especially the stairs at the entrance. High maintenance, too,” stated NYCsince1983. For those who chose to focus on the positive, they found it nice that the apartment, located at 215 East 81st Street, is close to the one of the new Second Avenue subway stations and is within a building that boasts an elevator and a doorman.

So now that you know the price, do you find it to be reasonable or absurd? Here’s another look at the space:

*The article has been updated to reflect the correct asking price of $825,000, not $875,000 as originally reported. Curbed regrets the error.