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Jamaica's enormous AirTrain-adjacent rental buildings are ready to rise

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Apartments here will be spread out between a 26-story tower and a 14-story building

Rendering courtesy FXFOWLE

The massive new residential project set to rise near Jamaica’s AirTrain Terminal will officially get underway tomorrow after a groundbreaking ceremony hosted by developer BRP Companies.

The Crossing at Jamaica Station, as the project is known, is being built at a cost of $407 million, and will create 669 affordable apartments, along with retail, a community space, and parking for 187 cars.

The apartments will be spread out between two buildings: A 26-story tower will have 539 mixed-income apartments, and a 14-story tower will come with 130 low-income units. Both buildings are being designed by FXFOWLE, and will feature retail and community facility components.

The project has been in the works for nearly three years now. When it was first announced, plans called for 580 apartments, and the rental was expected to break ground in mid-2015. We got a look at new renderings of the building last fall, and that also brought news that the apartment count had increased to 669.

In February this year, BRP Companies received a $324 million boost from the city’s Housing Development Corporation, allowing the project to move forward. This is just one of the many new projects in various stages of development in Jamaica. A 177-unit affordable development is planned at 89-50 164th Street, and the NYPD parking garage at 168th Street will be converted into 350 affordable apartments. Work on the AirTrain-adjacent development is supposed to wrap sometime in 2019.