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MTA’s new fleet of tech-friendly buses is rolling out in Brooklyn

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The first of the new buses made their debut last week

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

The first W-iFi–enabled Brooklyn buses hit the streets last week, Brooklyn Daily reports—and there’s more where those came from.

Eventually, there will be 86 shiny new buses roaming the borough streets, offering passengers internet access and digital charging ports, because the future is now. Last week, the first three slick new buses made their debut as part of the initial rollout, with three to five more to be added every week from now until mid-October. When it’s in full swing, the new fleet is set to serve the B4, B8, B9, B11, B16, B35, B37. B43, B61, B63, B67, B68, B69, and B70 lines.

As for the borough’s existing buses? The MTA has not forgotten about them, either. The transit authority is retrofitting the existing fleet with the same “digital-age amenities” as the new one. The older buses are also getting something of a safety makeover, including new partitions “walling off drivers from the masses” and security cameras.

And there are more improvements in the pipeline. By mid-2018, the transit authority plans to introduce a collision avoidance system, designed to “prevent some 1,600 buses from colliding with stuff annually.” By 2020, Brooklyn buses will also be decked out with digital information screens displaying route info and travel advisories—or at least, that’s the goal. For now, we will have to settle for charging our phones.