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Santigold’s eclectic Bed-Stuy brownstone lowers price to $1.85M

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If paisley printed massage tables are your thing, keep reading


Singer and songwriter Santigold is known for her unique musical style and eclectic sense of fashion so it makes sense that her Bed-Stuy brownstone, which is currently up for sale, is just as unusual as its owner. The home first hit the market back in January for $1.95 million but after failing to entice a buyer, the four-bedroom home has been chopped down to $1.85 million.

There is a little a lot going on here, some in ways that is difficult to explain. As for the simple stuff, the home spans four floors with three bathrooms, a full basement and many original details. Among them are five fireplaces, pocket shutters, inlaid wood floors, and original wainscoting. Alongside those are more unorthodox highlights like the paisley printed massage table, for instance, or the raw silk wallpaper with baroque patterns in Louis XIV-inspired fashions.

“I end up collaging and taking elements that don't necessarily go together and piecing them together in the most creative ways,” Santigold told Architectural Digest in an interview.

Whether her choice of design is brilliant or downright gaudy is for you to decide but one thing that’s for sure is it’s unlike any other Bed-Stuy townhouse. Depending one one’s style preference, this could mean a big renovation project or a great find with one-of-a-kind style.