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Luxe Greta Garbo-adjacent Midtown East pad seeks $6.25M

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Come prepared to pay cash

Photos via Corcoran

If you missed out on your chance to pick up Greta Garbo’s former apartment at the Campanile, which recently went in to contract with a cash-rich and pink-loving buyer, there is hope yet: the unit below the actress’s onetime abode just hit the market for a cool $6.25 million.

Admittedly, the fourth-floor residence can’t claim quite the same celebrity pedigree as the apartment upstairs, but the 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom co-op more than compensates. The unit has quite a different look from Garbo’s—it has a lot less pink and green—but boasts similarly stunning East River views.

“The experience is sublime from the moment you step off the attended elevator onto your own secluded landing,” the listing promises, which, based on the pictures, is not an overstatement. In addition to the expansive dining room, the library, the “staff room,” and the pristine chef’s kitchen, the place features a number of appealing architectural details, like coffered ceilings and herringbone floors.

Like all apartments in the Campanile, though, this one requires significant liquidity: the exclusive building only allows all-cash transactions for prospective buyers. If you do have upwards of $6 million sitting around, though, you’ll also get access to the Campanile’s many amenities, including a pool, a live-in super, and the ghost of Ethel Barrymore.