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DDG's Upper East Side condo faces more challenges from neighbors

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Neighbors have asked the DOB to revoke construction permits completely

DDG’s Upper East Condo is back in the spotlight over its “zoning gymnastics” as Upper East Residents have decided they are not going to let the project move forward without a fight. Neighbors have now filed a third challenge with the city’s Department of Buildings to completely revoke construction permits from the project, DNAInfo reports.

Last summer, the DOB slapped the condo with a stop-work order over a four-foot lot in front of the planned tower, that allowed DDG to build a taller building than what zoning would normally allow in this area. DDG fought off that challenge by extending the lot to 10 feet. The DOB was satisfied, and the project was allowed to move forward last December.

Neighbors and local elected officials have however argued that that consensus was ludicrous, and that it would be hard to imagine a building going up in a 10-by-22-foot lot. Neighbors have already filed two appeals against the project, according to DNAinfo, and now led by their local City Council member, Ben Kallos, they have filed a third. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer has expressed her opposition to the project as well.

Last month the DOB had sent DDG an “intent to revoke” order, according to DNAInfo, for not updating zoning diagrams after construction resumed at the site. The developer had 15 days to respond or their construction permits would be taken away. DDG is now in the midst of resolving that matter, but it remains to be seen how the DOB will respond to this latest appeal.