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Tribeca duplex with details from Harlem Hospital asks $1.65M

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Disclaimer: must love brick walls

Photos courtesy Douglas Elliman.

Brokerbabble calls this duplex in Tribeca a “one of a kind” loft but we think that is a serious understatement to describe this 1,500-square-foot co-op. There’s no one adjective that properly describes this apartment so let’s dissect it piece by piece.

First things first: it takes a serious appreciation for exposed brick walls for a person to consider dropping $1.65 million on this studio home. Both levels are overwhelmingly filled with red brick walls—even the kitchen and bathrooms. The soaring ceilings are barrel vaulted and made from terracotta. The living room is slightly sunken and sits adjacent to the dining room and its massive wall-encompassing glass window. The kitchen is an odd space but is outfitted with Italian floor tiles and high-end stainless steel appliances, and brick walls, of course.

When it comes to the apartment’s two bathrooms, one is a bit strange while the other, not as much. On the lower level, the brick-wall clad bathroom is also surrounded by a glass wall while the more traditional (if that accurately describes it) bathroom on the main level appears to have a glass ceiling.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, the apartment has several details that have been reclaimed from the original Harlem Hospital. The stainless steel kitchen sink, a white iron staircase that leads to the home office space, and a small step ladder near the kitchen are the three that the listing description identifies as furnishings from the hospital. This undoubtedly adds to the quirkiness of this abode.