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$8.5M 10 Sullivan listing is the building’s first flip

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Last on the market in July, the pristine condo has never been lived in

The Corcoran Group

Less than a year after the sale first closed, a sprawling three-bedroom condo at Cary Tamarkin’s 10 Sullivan Street is back on the market, making the apartment the building’s first resale.

Either someone has a rather profitable case of buyer’s remorse, or an investor picked up the unit in order to flip the place—the more likely option, given that the buyer-turned-seller, an LLC by the name of Soho Sullivan Realty, has listed the apartment for a 38 percent markup. The listing also touts that the apartment has never been lived in.

The stylish unit, which boasts three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, walnut cabinetry, and an absurdly luxe master bath, initially sold for $6.157 million, and is now listed at $8.499 million.

Repped by Marie-Claire Gladstone at Corcoran, the listing emphasizes the condo’s designer kitchen appliances, “generously proportioned” bedrooms, and generally “sumptuous palette,” featuring “distinctive interior finishes inspired by Soho’s rich aesthetic heritage.”

That’s not the only notable unit on offer at the Flatiron-reminiscent condos. Amid the luxury sales slowdown in early 2016, the building’s glorious $45 million triplex penthouse was split into two more, er, affordable units. And while the larger of the two finally sold in January of this year for $25 million, the smaller half of the penthouse is still on the market for a comparatively modest $9.995 million after a minor markdown.

The Corcoran Group
The Corcoran Group
The Corcoran Group

10 Sullivan Street

10 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012