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Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen upgrade their 70 Vestry pad

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Rumor has it that the Patriots quarterback wants the floor he lives on to match his jersey number

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are trading up at 70 Vestry, Robert A.M. Stern’s limestone Tribeca condo rising along the Hudson River. The Post reports that the duo is swapping in the $ 20 million 11th floor five-bedroom they purchased last year for a similar, yet more expensive model on the 12th floor.

The reason for the switch? It’s all delightfully kooky speculation. “Perhaps Tom is superstitious, or perhaps in honor of his Super Bowl win, or the recent return of his stolen Super Bowl jerseys, he decided he had to be on the 12th floor,” a source told Page Six. (The quarterback wears 12 for the New England Patriots.) But then of course, the couple could just be upgrading to upgrade.

Like the 11th floor apartment, the 12th floor pad is also a five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom spread, but comes equipped with a nearly 2,000 square foot terrace. The apartment was last on the market for $29.5 million—online, at least—but the Post reports it was listed at $32 million. (What’s a couple million to some millionaires?) It’s expected that Brady and Bündchen will offload their $14 million One Madison apartment when they move into 70 Vestry in 2018.

Brady and Bündchen were reportedly attracted to the building for its privacy-boosting amenities, like a porte cochere and automated garage. They weren’t the only ones: The building is now 80 percent sold, with only eight of the 46 condos remaining on the market. Those apartments include the $65 million south penthouse—the $50 million north penthouse recently entered contract—and a $7.25 million three-bedroom on the third floor.

Brady and Bundchen will reportedly make home here.

70 Vestry

70 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013