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Big reveal: $865K for a classic Upper West Side one-bedroom near Central Park

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Did you guess correctly?

There wasn’t a single correct guess for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, an Upper West Side one-bedroom with a classic vibe and a great location—just half a block from Central Park. The apartment, located at 11 West 69th Street, is asking $865,000; the closest guess came from omarrr, who went with $850,000.

Though it’s not without its quirks—including the post in the dining room, which many saw as a big negative—the place is pretty nice. We tend to agree with NYCsince1983’s assessment: “I think this place has more going for it than people are giving it credit for.” It’s spacious, and comes with amenities like a part-time doorman, live-in super, and a laundry room. And, of course, there’s the proximity to the park.

So do you think it’s worth the ask? Take a peek at the floorplan again and sound off in the comments.